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She's an electro-femme-pop-cabaret-satire-over-sexed-queer-feminist-trashy-performance artist!!!

Nicky Click New Album Spring 2011k

Nicky Click causes a reaction. If you are familiar with her work you have an opinion. If you are not familiar with her you will find yourself intrigued, baffled, moved, and inspired. Or you won’t “get it” which means you weren’t meant to be at this party in the first place.

Nicky Click puts on one hell of a show. But to know Miss Click is to realize that underneath the wigs, make-up, scandalous outfits, and external outrageousness lies a quiet introspective New Hampshire queer femme.

Nicky’s first album “You Are Already A Member” arrived during the mid 2000s DIY electro boom. Alongside her comrades Scream Club and Jenna Riot, Nicky Click built a loyal, solid fan base through constant touring and festival appearances. 2008 saw the arrival of Click’s sophomore album, the classic “I’m On My Cell Phone”. The title track become one of Logo’s most-played videos that year, increasing Click’s visibility as she added Europe to her busy tour roster.

Most recently Nicky Click has released her third album, the daring “Metaphorically, Of Course” on her own Crunks Not Dead Records. Refusing to be typecast, Nicky fleshes out her classic dance/electro sound with quieter, introspective country-tingled material. This new album, more so than the first two, perfectly summarizes the eclectic artistry of Nicky Click.

In live presentations Nicky adopts different personas that make sense of her wildly eclectic catalog. “Cactus Rose” handles the country songs, while “Petunia Pie” handles the (fill this in). “Nicky Click” herself is the ring-leader of the entire act. Always by Miss Click’s side is Mr. Owl, her mysterious collaborator and duet partner.

For her entire career critics have been trying to figure out Nicky Click. Is she serious or joking? If she’s joking is she in on the joke? With more projects, tours, collaborations, and albums planned in the future, Nicky Click will be keeping us intrigued for a long time.

Please take a moment to page through this site, and discover the legacy of this femme-pop diva's evolution as a an internationally renowned performance artist, songwriter, producer and multi-media video artist.

and...look forward to an album release national tour of the states in April and May!

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Nicky Click

"I played performance artist Nicky Clicks CD "Im On My Cell Phone" on a road trip to P-Town a couple years ago and it became the only thing we listened to in the car. Her silly beeping beats and breathy breathless hyper-sexy delivery is seriously avant-garde, in the tradition of Lena Lovich, Nina Hagen, The Waitresses, and other 80s new wave girl weirdos (plus a dash of Rick James proteges the Mary Jane Girls). Her live shows feature lots of parading and stomping in latex and garter belts and are super fun."

-Michelle Tea